Education Professionals

At the Holy Angels Model School, we have a team of highly qualified, experienced and committed education professionals.  Apart from their academic qualifications and competencies, they are chosen for their caring attitude, absolute dedication to the profession and experience in meeting the varying needs of our students.  Through ongoing professional development programmes and workshops, teachers are kept up-to-date with the changing techniques trends in the field of education, so that our teaching methods reflect the standard of best practice from every corner of the country.

The administrative and support team ensure all system are in place and that a conducive learning atmosphere is provided.  The vitality and good cheer of the entire team permeates school life.

Career and Personal Counseling

The in-house career services include administering interest and aptitude tests, help students discover and choose their career of interest by interactive activities designed and developed Holy Angels Model School counseling department.  External services from various organizations and consultancies are incorporated through seminars for students.

The counseling centre in the school provides a forum where students can be helped with pressures and issues of growing up and a variety of their psychological educational and developmental issues.