Our main objectives for the Kindergarten years is to help our young students develop their cognitive and motor skills.  We actively encourage the development of student’s curiosity and imagination by exposing them to an exciting and wonderful world of learning.

The curriculum is comprehensive, practical and emphasiser  the importance of experimenting and experiencing during the formative years.  Our team of qualified competent teachers initiates the young students to explore new areas of learning in a child – centered way

Subjects at the Kindergarten level:
  1. English
  2. Malayalam
  3. Mathematics

Music, Art and Craft, Computer and Physical Education lessons are also woven into the curriculum.  The rumpus room is creatively designed well-resourced and equipped with educational materials, toys and audio – visual facilities.

By the end of the Kindergarten years, students develop a love for learning as well as mathematical, linguistic and social skills, providing them with a valuable head start.